let a person get drunk

23.jpg 23.jpg On the quiet months, V. Xinyu, long night who with? Hands played the strings to break, the past round fragrance. The wind too, fragrance overflowing in china.

The night breeze, beautiful and graceful, Ionia, micro against the windows, the slightest ripples fragrance. Perhaps she does come, tread air clothes, dance, song and dance Confidante drunk, with a smile smile!

A dream without a trace, rain, time changes, fiber dream without a trace, fine talk, light twittering, flower dream fangfei.

Your heart is filled with suspense, and air negative melancholy Italy, Acacia lofty, but a loss, a volume in volume, a pool of ink recite a thousand lines of tears, may well, shallow memory, deeply hidden, not sad, each month also faint fragrance!

Dimei enjoy, like flowers, flowers grief; leave empty hate, dream.

Thick Acacia, light mood, still leaning against the railing to see.





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